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I create professional websites that help you book more clients and build a thriving private practice that reflects your unique personality and passion for helping others.
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Let's build a professional and welcoming online space for your business

Ready to connect with more people who need your help?

When you work with me, I make it easy for potential clients to find you and learn about the unique services you offer. I’ll create a beautiful website for your business that showcases your skills and helps you attract more of the right clients.

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“I appreciated that you not only had the skill and knowledge but that you’re also a Hypnotherapist so you understand the business. Having you build my website is one of the best decisions I’ve made since I got certified, and I’ve already gotten a lot of positive feedback.”

– Jenna Watkins
Certified Hypnotherapist

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“In the end, you were very thorough and delivered a product that I’m extremely happy with. People are already commenting on how they like it and the ease of using it, and in the two months that the website’s been up, business has been extremely good!”

– Mitchell Osborn
Certified Hypnotherapist

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For Hypnotherapists

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Practice Launch

Why spend your valuable time building everything from scratch when you can use my proven system to launch fast?

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Course Launch

You can help more people than you could with one-on-one sessions by packaging your knowledge up in a course.

Hypnotherapy Sites Service

Free Website

You have a great website, but could it be performing better? I’ll review your site and give you a strategy for free!

I build branded websites that you'll be proud to share with others


I understand the importance of creating an online presence that showcases your unique ability to help others and attracts your perfect clients, making it easy for them to connect with you.

You deserve a website that is professional, easy-to-use, and designed specifically for hypnotherapists like you. Let me help you create a website that reflects your passion for helping others and allows you to connect with more people who need your help.

I build branded websites that you'll be proud to share with others

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Like most people that believe they’re here to help others, I’ve spent most of my life feeling a bit lost, like I never really knew what I wanted to do… I bounced from job to job, never feeling like I was making that much of a difference.
Everything changed about 7 years ago when I decided to open my own business and started learning about digital marketing and web design.
I realized that not only do I love designing websites but this was also an opportunity to help people live better lives. (After all, a website is literally the digital bridge that connects people with problems to companies offering solutions.)
Additionally, my personal journey has led me down the path of finding hypnosis, and ultimately becoming a certified Hypnotherapist. I saw how Hypnotherapy can actually help people solve those problems themselves without the need for external “fixes”.
Then the “ah-ha” moment hit me: What if I use my marketing & web design experience to help Hypnotherapists launch and grow their own successful practices?
I could essentially allow for exponentially more hypnotherapy sessions to take place this way (and thus more growth and personal development) vs. seeing clients myself full-time. And that’s how HypnotherapySites was born!
If you want to launch a successful private practice and start serving your clients right away, without all the wasted time and headaches that come from learning how to do everything yourself – let’s talk.
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Hi, I'm Corey with HypnotherapySites!