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plus $97/Month

Start with a professional website optimized for Hypnotherapists and have it customized to match your brand and offering. Built on the best web platform (WordPress), your site is feature-rich and ready to scale with your business.

Have custom booking pages for every service you offer or can dream of, it’s truly unlimited. Plus, book as many clients as you can handle with no limits on bookings, appointments, or event registrations.

Avoid fines and stay compliant with upcoming privacy laws with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages that are automatically updated any time a law changes. *Fines for violations start at $2,500 per violation (per website visitor).

Email support and video calls any time you have questions, need help, need revisions, or need marketing advice. Unlimited email support and 2 hours of web development are included each month at no extra charge (normally $150/hr).

Set your prices, terms, and accept payments for all your different products and service offerings through multiple payment integrations like Stripe, PayPal, and Square. We don’t charge a penny extra.

Feeling generous? Offer discounts with fixed or percentage amounts on paid products and services, plus set usage limits and expiry dates.

Reduce no-shows by sending automatic reminders at custom intervals to your clients. 100 total SMS messages are included every month at no extra charge.

Connect one or multiple personal calendars from Google, Apple iCloud, Microsoft 360,, and Microsoft Exchange so you never get double-booked.

Directly sync and connect over 16+ tools and apps you love, plus hundreds more through Zapier.

Never worry about your site going down or out of date with a dedicated team of developers doing regular backups, updates, and maintenance. Plus, you’ll get an email report each month with site performance, analytics details, and maintenance records.


Join other Hypnotherapists growing their practice with ease

Premium features

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Professional website

Make all the right first impressions with a high-quality website.

Unlimited booking pages

All the pages you need to take appointments and sell sessions.

Unlimited bookings

Book as many clients as you can fit in your schedule. No limits.

Full customization

Let your creative juices run wild and customize anything you see.

Mobile optimization

Everything looks amazing and loads quickly on phones & tablets.

Privacy Protection

Automatic protection for your business against upcoming privacy laws.

Client lists

Export a list of every client you've ever had, any time you need it.

Bookings list

Export a list of every booking with every corresponding detail.

HIPAA/GDPR compliance

All of your client data is securely stored, safe & sound.

$0 Fee payments

Keep every penny you process, it's your hard-earned cash!

Embeds and integrations

Connect all the apps, tools, and gizmos and watch them play nice.

Videos & testimonials

Show your prospects what to expect when working with you.


Got questions?

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This is more than just a web design agency.

Hi there! I’m Corey and I’m the founder of HypnotherapySites. 

I’m passionate about working with Hypnotherapists and other professionals in the healing arts. As a certified Hypnotherapist, I understand and believe in the value of hypnosis for healing. I want to help make it accessible to as many people as possible by helping you grow a successful practice.

Also, I’m a veteran web designer and digital marketer, and I know exactly how to set up your practice online so you can start getting clients in droves.

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Basically anyone that wants to offer healing services and products to the masses. It doesn’t matter if you’re just launching your practice or have been in business for years, our aim is to provide you with a dead simple way to book clients and sell your services.

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You can pretty much sell anything people will pay you for (as long as it’s legal)!

  • Physical products (like books, yoga mats, CDs, or shirts)
  • Digital products (like a hypnosis recording, ebook, or video)
  • Calendar-based services (like Hypnotherapy sessions)
  • Non-calendar services (like hypnotic programming)
  • Event registrations (one-day or multiple-day events)
  • Classes or packaged bookings (like a package of sessions)
  • Memberships (like access to exclusive content)
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The only limit is your imagination.

  • Free appointments – one person or groups (like free consults, interviews, or weekly meetings)
  • Appointments that cost money – one person or groups (like a coaching session or guided meditation)
  • Services that cost money – one person or groups (like hypnosis sessions or reiki massage)
  • A webinar or online meeting
  • An event – online or offline (like a corporate meeting or lecture)
  • An event that lasts several days – online or offline (like a conference)
  • Classes or courses – online or offline
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Exactly 0%.

You work hard for your money, so keep it!

We charge a flat setup and monthly fee, never a penny more.

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You can usually start booking clients within 30 days from the time you sign up assuming there aren’t any delays due to communication or revision requests.

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To get started, just click on any of the “Get Started” buttons on this page and choose a time to chat with us about your project.

You’ll be able to sit back and relax while we’ll get to work building everything and making it look great. When it’s ready, we’ll send you a link to review. (And don’t worry if it’s not perfect at first, we’ll keep revising it until you’re happy.) When you’re ready, we’ll go live.

Boom! You’ll be able to start booking clients right away, plus we’ll be in your back pocket anytime you need updates or changes made, or if you just have questions.


Have some questions? Let us know & we'll get right back to you.

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