You do the hypnosis

Let your clients do the booking

As many


as you want

As many


as you want

As much


as you want

Who we help2

You got into this business because you love helping people

So why are you spending so many work hours not helping people?

You know the drill: Suggest appointment times, email back-and-forth, schedule, reschedule, then "please send payment" and "No, I never received payment" and... ARGH!

Building your own website and scheduling appointments take a lot of time and energy. Time and energy you could be channeling into sessions. Time and energy that could be making you money.

Instead, you're doing everything manually.

You can't run a Hypnotherapy practice this way... at least not one that makes money (and doesn't drive you insane).

You need done-for-you, time-saving, money-making web design and booking services.

And you needed it yesterday.

Stop the


DIY madness

Get a professional team on the job

Here's your new plan:

1 1

Get a professional website and booking system set up for you.

2 1

Have your clients choose the best time for them.

3 1

They pay.


You work your magic.


Everybody's happy.

With the Hypno Launch Pad 🚀, growing your Hypnotherapy practice is easy.


Everything is done-for-you

So you can stop pulling your hair out.


Unlimited booking pages

Offer it all and get booked automatically.

save money

Upfront client payments

Never chase down a payment again.

001 alert

Automatic reminders

Pobody's nerfect and you've got enough to remember.

A perfect pairing that sells YOU

Custom website

A custom website that gives you a professional online appearance

Sessions packages

Unlimited booking pages that make it easy for your clients to book and pay you

What types of products and services can I sell on my site?


1-on-1 sessions


Session packages

cloud computing

Digital downloads


Group sessions



Physical products

...and more!

You are NOT a secretary.

YOU are the BOSS.

Do you really want to spend all your time...

Or would you rather spend your time...

Promote yourself!

Have some questions? Let us know & we'll get right back to you.

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